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For clients

Successful financial performance in conjunction with the preservation of our clients’ funds is the main priority of Imperial Global Markets.

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After you register and log in to your personal account, the system will automatically generate Bank details for transferring funds.

Use a credit card or a Bank transfer to open your trading account at the Imperial Global Markets and to access financial platforms all over the world.

Simply transfer funds to your newly opened account. It will get activated as soon as they arrive.

This simple procedure will allow you to start to earn on global financial markets today!


The deposit and withdrawal of funds

Deposit and withdraw your funds however you like, whenever you want. We always guarantee the safety of these operations:

  • Withdrawal and Deposit are done solely in the secure mode on the personal account page, regardless of the method of depositing or withdrawing the funds.
  • Before transferring funds to the trading account, the client must make a request on his personal account page in order to receive details of the Depositary Bank to which the funds shall be transferred.
  • Only the handwritten signature of the owner of the trading account provides the permission for depositing or withdrawing the funds.
  • Since 30.08.2015 the fee for withdrawal on a credit card is 3.0%.

Since 30.08.2015 the fee for withdrawal on a credit card is 3.0%.

Deposit funds

Transfer method Currency Commission Processing time
MasterCard RUB USD No instantly Deposit
Visa RUB USD No instantly Deposit
Bank transfer No 2-4 days Deposit
Yandex.Money RUB USD No
In an business hour
Qiwi Wallet RUB USD No instantly Deposit

Withdraw funds

Transfer method Currency Commission Processing time
MasterCard RUB USD 3% 2-4 days Withdraw
Visa RUB USD 3% 2-4 days Withdraw
Yandex.Money RUB USD 3% 2-4 days Withdraw
Qiwi Wallet RUB USD 3% 2-4 days Withdraw

Safety of customer funds

Safety is one of our top priorities. You can be 100% confident in the safety of your account.
  1. All client funds are kept separate from the company’s operational funds, on separate accounts. Imperial Global Markets does not use client funds for proprietary trading and hedging operations.
  2. Every customer’s account has a unique code that guarantees its usage only for the purpose of customers’ financing.
  3. Our clients’ funds are kept in leading banks of several countries, providing the necessary diversification and mitigation of geopolitical risks.
  4. To match our clients’ orders on the market we work exclusively with international brokers with an impeccable reputation, which store funds entrusted to them in banks such as Barclays, Citi and Deutsche Bank.
  5. The accounts are being monitored online. ”Imperial Global Markets” automatically liquidates positions in the case when the balance of the client’s account falls below the required level of the margin security.
  6. We protect our client from negative account balance. This is an important condition which ensure the client’s account balance gets restored to $0, if, due to extraordinary market conditions, the trading account balance goes becomes negative.

Moreover, we never reveal the information about customers, their contacts and data. The complete confidentiality of personal and financial information is our basic principle.

Start investing with IGM specialists and gain access to financial sites around the world!
Open a trading account in Imperial Global Markets via bank transfer or transfer from the card. Everyone can make money in international markets, the main thing is to take the first step.


Trading on financial markets (in particular trading on margin, currency trading – Forex, and exchange-traded investment funds – ETF) offers great opportunities, and allows investors willing to take risk, get substantial profit. However, trading on financial markets is associated with high risk and might not be suitable for every investor. You may incur a partial, or a total loss of Your investment, so You should not invest capital that you can not afford to lose. You must be aware of the increased risk, which arises due to the use of leverage. Please read the full version of “Customer Agreement” and “Risk Disclosure”.