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Affiliate Program for Web Developers

We are inviting you to mutually beneficial cooperation of the owners of web sites and lead generators.


What are we expecting from you?

  • Creating a Customer’s Account
  • Starting a client’s activity in IGM

The benefits that you can get:

  • 10% – account opening conversion
  • 30% – conversion of account replenishment
  • Up to $ 500 – royalty for 1 client
  • Immediate bonuses after customer verification
  • Receipt of royalties in full – we are compensating commissions of payment systems

Description of the IGM partner program

Two-stage system for obtaining royalties by web specialists:
Stage one:
  • Traffic is sent to the IGM.
  • It is converted to leads.
  • Royalty is paid for a confirmed registration.
Stage two:
  • A replenishment of the client account.
  • Verification of the client is in progress.
  • The royalty is paid to the partner (the amount is determined by the size of the client’s deposit).

Web-expert royalties

As an IGM partner, a web specialist can earn money by attracting clients. The royalty is determined by the current package of rates, as well as the net deposit that remained on the client account after the completion of the verification process.

The Packet Start

Reward for a registration: $5 for a lead
Reward for active client:

Client’s deposit, USD** Reward payment, USD
50-99 20
100-199 30
200-499 50
500-999 100
1000-1999 150
2000-2999 200
3000-4999 250
more than 5000 individually

The Packet Pro*

Reward for a registration: $10 for a lead
Reward for active client:

Client’s deposit, USD** Reward payment, USD
50-99 40
100-199 60
200-499 100
500-999 200
1000-1999 300
2000-2999 400
3000-4999 500
more than 5000 individually

* – To receive the PRO package, it is necessary to attract at least 10 active clients every month.

** – The amount of all replenishments minus the amount of funds withdrawn (only the personal deposit is taken into account, the profit that was received in the process of working in the financial markets is not taken into account).

For example, a partner has a START package. The client’s account is replenished by $ 1000, after which $ 300 is deducted. In this case, the royalty of the partner is calculated from the remaining $ 700 and is $ 100.

Suppose the client received an income of $ 500. And he withdrew this money, saving the initial deposit of $ 1000. In this case, the partner royalty will be $ 150, because its size does not depend on the profit taken.

Applied marketing tools that help attract customers:

  • Landings
  • Promotional codes
  • Templates of letters for dispatches
  • Banners
  • Widgets
  • Referral links
  • RSS feeds.

To pass the test successfully, the client must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an adult.
  2. Pass verification. Its duration depends on the partner package:
    1. Start: 15 days
    2. Pro: 10 days
  3. Do not have an affiliation with a partner (contact information, names, names and patronymics, as well as IP addresses) are checked.
  4. Answer by phone and email, which were specified when registering the account.
  5. Have trading activity in the ratio of 0.005 lot from each US dollar of their own assets.

Let’s look at an example.

The client account was replenished by 2000 dollars. In a couple of days, he withdrew half of the assets, leaving $ 1000 in his account. The required trade turnover in the period of payments is calculated as follows: 1000 x 0.005 = 5 lots.

In the personal account, the web specialist has the ability to verify all of his sites. This will guarantee that the client will be in his group, including those cases when they received a mark of the other IGM partners. In this way, you can make direct links to the IGM site, and view conversion statistics.

We are offering excellent conditions for the customers of our partners. And this is the main advantage of the IGM affiliate program.


Trading on financial markets (in particular trading on margin, currency trading – Forex, and exchange-traded investment funds – ETF) offers great opportunities, and allows investors willing to take risk, get substantial profit. However, trading on financial markets is associated with high risk and might not be suitable for every investor. You may incur a partial, or a total loss of Your investment, so You should not invest capital that you can not afford to lose. You must be aware of the increased risk, which arises due to the use of leverage. Please read the full version of “Customer Agreement” and “Risk Disclosure”.