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Imperial ECN

IGM company has developed its own ECN (Electronic Communication Network), an electronic analogue of the exchange, where all sales transactions, opened by network participants, are instantly displayed.

How Imperial ECN Works

Imperial ECN is a guarantee of full transparency of the company’s work.

  • Each client can enter the real market. Make sure that your money does not stay on the company’s accounts, but work on the international financial exchange.
  • Any time you can find out what’s going on with your investments. You watch your transactions in the real time mode.
  • You can be sure that the company does not have any opportunities to interfere with your trading in the market and influence the results.
  • Access to the Imperial ECN is free for every IGM client.
Imperial ECN Opportunities
  • The innovative model of Imperial ECN’s work optimizes interaction with liquidity providers and ensures the maximum quality of orders’ execution.
  • An important advantage of Imperial ECN is that customer orders are in the glass. Users see their own application and third-party applications in the system, have the ability to influence the spread and make transactions without a spread.
  • The system does not limit the tactics of the trade, the duration of the transactions and the magnitude of the profit.
  • Users of Imperial ECN can receive the service at a better price than requested in their application. In the comments to orders, the values of slippage opening and closing transactions are displayed.
  • Transactions in the system are anonymous, so liquidity providers can not identify customer orders and affect their execution.

We are interested in the high profitability of customers and the growth of their trade turnover. Therefore, we are striving to create all conditions for the most successful trade.

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