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What is Signals 

Synchroprice are trading signals from IGM analysts that help our clients track events in the markets and engage in trading.

 How Signals signals work

By subscribing to Signals, you connect to the chat in Telegram. There you will receive notifications – tips from experienced traders with pieces of advice about deal you can make at the moment. Signals will be given on the horizon during the day and on the most profitable transactions: what kind of asset can be bought or sold, for how long, what is the expected return and risk. Based on these data, you make your own decisions about entering into a particular transaction.

Advantages and risks of Signals 

Signals is a practical tool with many advantages:

  • support of clients with minimal experience: it’s easy to start trading in the investment market, understand how transactions are being conducted, and also test the capabilities of IGM in practice;
  • clear recommendations for buying / selling the most popular assets, with a range for entry, with levels for recording profit or loss;
  • work in any markets: foreign exchange, stock, commodity and raw materials and the market indices;
  • the minimum financial entry threshold;
  • the opportunity to evaluate the transaction before making a decision, to study the open information, to choose a comfortable level of risk;
  • you make your own decision on each entry to the deal, based on your own understanding of the signal provided, and not on the instrument imposed by the company;
  • high transaction cycles, quick and efficient profit making, fixing the transaction at any time (you can fix the deal yourself);
  • demo-access for 7 days, further – a monthly subscription fee of 5000 rubles.
    At the same time, there are definite risks in working with Synchroprice, which must be taken into account:
  • information on the transaction is less sufficient than on the assets of the investment portfolio;
  • the signal can be associated with a sharp movement at the market and may not reflect deep trends.
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Trading on financial markets (in particular trading on margin, currency trading – Forex, and exchange-traded investment funds – ETF) offers great opportunities, and allows investors willing to take risk, get substantial profit. However, trading on financial markets is associated with high risk and might not be suitable for every investor. You may incur a partial, or a total loss of Your investment, so You should not invest capital that you can not afford to lose. You must be aware of the increased risk, which arises due to the use of leverage. Please read the full version of “Customer Agreement” and “Risk Disclosure”.